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Temperature Data Logger to 85C with 16,000-Point Memory

Temperature Data Logger with 16,000 point memory for storage of time, date and temperature readings. Heavy duty waterproof but no actual display; this is a data logger only. Temperature range: -40 up to 85 C.

Model: 88128

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Temperature data logger with no actual display of the temperature on the unit.


  • Heavy Duty waterproof data logger
  • 16000 point memory for readings

Time between readings is programmable from software and can be from 1 second up to 2 hours between the readings. eg: setting the readings at 3 minute frequency will give more than 1 month of readings.

Start may be programed as immediate, magnetic or scheduled. Waterproof - IP66 - almost indestructable polycarbinate case.


Reads to 0.1C with an accuracy of +/- 0.6C, with red and green LEDs on the front of the unit show the status of logging and alarms.


Suitable for food, storage and transport industries and other areas where the plain looking case with no display of temperature will make the unit be less likely to be stolen.


Internal replaceable lithium battery lasts approx 1 year (depending on the settings chosen - logging frequency).


NOTE: You need a computer interface and FREE software (Model: 8818P or 8824P) to program and download this data logger.